New multi-functional adhesive reduces resource usage

LBP Manufacturing of Chicago, IL (USA), and Henkel have joined forces to develop the new EarthSleeve for Starbucks. Use of the new multi-functional Henkel packaging adhesive reduces the resources needed to produce this new paper hot-cup sleeve by 34 percent.

The challenge for the Henkel team was to develop the hot-cup sleeve together with LBP so that it would protect the hands of Starbucks customers from heat as reliably as the previously used sleeve design while requiring less corrugated paper. Such sleeves have traditionally been made by bonding together two layers of corrugated paper. The new EarthSleeve uses thinner layers and thus less material. This has been made possible by the new multi-functional Henkel adhesive which not only bonds the two layers of paper together but provides heat insulation at the same time.

In addition to the considerable reduction in material usage and the 85% recycled fiber content, the EarthSleeve also decreases the environmental impact resulting from the transport of the lighter hot-cup sleeves, and is fully compostable as well.

The EarthSleeve is currently being introduced in Starbucks locations in the USA and Canada and plans are in place to use it worldwide in the future. This collaboration with LBP shows that the integration of resource efficiency into the development process generates more value for our customers while reducing the ecological footprint.

Adhesive innovation for a reduced footprint

  • Schaubild Bechermanschette

Last updated: March 6, 2013