Our “Path to Sustainability Excellence” program

To implement the company’s sustainability strategy – achieving more with less – the Beauty Care business sector has set up a program called “Path to Sustainability Excellence”. The program includes all of the involved areas and builds on strategic partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials as well as retailers, and on consumer education.

An important approach in reducing the ecological footprint is the development of “smart formulations.” By this we mean optimizing existing products so that we can achieve the desired results through combinations of active ingredients while using less resources.

As part of the “Path to Sustainability Excellence” program, we carry out life cycle analyses for the various product categories. They indicate which areas offer the greatest potential for improvement. For our products that are rinsed out after use, for example, we were thus able to show that the use phase demonstrated the greatest potential for reducing energy consumption.

In order to make our consumers aware of the environmental impact their behavior can have when doing everyday things such as showering, blow-drying their hair, brushing their teeth, and washing their hands, we have further developed our resource calculator. Consumers can thus quickly see how they themselves can influence the carbon footprint of a product. www.schauma.de

Smart formulations with less resources

Last updated: March 6, 2013