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The innovative formulations of the laundry detergents with “Re-new effect” for black, colored or white delicate fabrics are sold under the Perwoll, Fewa, Mir Couleurs, Micolor and MAS Color brands. Used by consumers all over Europe and Latin America, their special anti-pilling technology results in significantly smoother fibers, thus producing better light reflection and glowing colors. The novel formula not only cleans delicate garments, but provides care and protection to the fibers as well, while also acting directly to prevent roughening and graying. By further optimizing the selection of raw materials, we have been able to make another contribution to resource conservation and helped to reduce carbon footprints.

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Persil Duo-Caps

Henkel launched its two-chamber liquid laundry detergent capsules in 2012. The pre-dosed Duo-Caps have a 100 percent water soluble and biodegradable film. The ingredients are in two separate chambers, so that they are protected and stable until needed. This means that they can produce outstanding washing results, even at low temperatures. The pre-dosed detergent with its practically waterless formulation is extremely easy to handle, prevents overdosing, and requires 70 percent less packaging. The product thus contributes to resource conservation and reduces the carbon footprint by about 15 percent.

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Bref / WC Frisch “Power Aktiv”

With its four active pearls and its patentpending technology, Bref “Power Aktiv” – known in Germany under the brand name WC Frisch Kraft-Aktiv – ensures a thoroughly cleaned toilet. The toilet rim block already combines powerful cleaning action with responsibility toward the consumer and the environment in more than 40 countries. Bref WC “Power Aktiv” is the first and only toilet rim block product to come with a child-proof holder. The amount of plastic material used in the product packaging has been reduced by 55 percent. The product also contributes to resource conservation, as the energy required to manufacture it has been cut by 20 percent.

Pril Econometro

Pril Econometro

Due to the improved solubility of the Pril 10 tabs distributed in Italy, the active ingredients are released more quickly in the dishwasher. This improvement significantly boosts dishwashing performance in low-temperature cycles. At www.pril.it consumers can estimate the energy used by a dishwashing cycle and calculate possible savings in energy and money.

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Somat 10 – more dishwashing power, using less energy

Our Somat 10 dishwashing tablets are a perfect example of a product innovation that couples better performance with a smaller ecological footprint. Henkel researchers developed this new generation of automatic dishwashing tablets that delivers full cleaning power even in short and low-temperature dishwasher cycles. By making the Somat 10 tablets dissolve more easily, we succeeded in getting them to release the ingredients faster so that they have more time to act on food residues and do a better job.

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Persil Super Power Gel / Purex Cold Water

Small, powerful and convenient – that's Persil Super Power Gel, our liquid laundry detergent that develops its washing power already at 15 degrees Celsius (France: LeChat, Italy: Dixan). Persil Super Power Gel delivers the same washing performance with just half the conventional dosage. The same applies to our liquid detergent Purex Cold Water in the US. Washing laundry at lower temperatures not only lowers energy consumption and therefore CO2-emissions, but also puts money back in our consumers' pockets.

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A.I.S.E Charter for Sustainable Cleaning

In 2005, Henkel became the first company to fulfill the criteria of the A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Cleaning. All companies that sign the Charter pledge to continuously improve their processes and to report annually on their economic, ecological and social advances, using defined indicators. The A.I.S.E. Charter was revised in 2010, and a new dimension was introduced specifically for products. It is now possible to show that a product was not only manufactured by a company with sustainable business practices, but itself has a progressive sustainability profile. Four criteria are of particular importance here: the environmental safety of the ingredients; resource efficiency with regard to dosage and packaging materials; washing performance at low temperatures; and consumer information. Only products that satisfy all of the defined requirements can communicate this to consumers on the packaging by means of a new A.I.S.E. Charter logo introduced in July 2011. Our laundry detergents are among them.

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Allergy-friendly laundry detergents (ECARF)

More and more people have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies. There is therefore a rapidly growing demand for products that take account of the special needs of these consumers. The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) has certified seven Henkel laundry detergents as allergy-friendly. The ECARF seal of quality confirms a high level of compatibility for people who have sensitive skin that tends to allergic reactions.

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DAC Disinfectant

With our laundry and home care products, we make important contributions in all of our markets to hygiene and health in the home. A key priority is the adaptation of our products to local consumer needs and local conditions. In many markets in Southern Europe and the Middle East, for example, we also offer laundry detergents containing special antibacterial agents. The same applies to household cleaners that we have launched on the North African and Latin American markets. One example is our DAC Disinfectant brand: These cleaners deliver outstanding cleaning results and prevent new bacterial growth for 24 hours. The marketing of the DAC products is accompanied by an extensive communication campaign. TV commercials, promotions in stores, and communication through social media channels were all designed to raise consumer awareness of the importance of hygiene.

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Phosphate-free formulas in the Middle East

We continue to develop the sustainability profile of our products in all markets and regions in which we operate. Examples include our laundry detergents Vash, Pak and Persil in the Middle East, which we switched to phosphate-free formulas in 2011.

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MAS – less packaging, lower price

The various MAS product lines of liquid laundry detergents that we market in Mexico used to be offered in packaging units of at least one liter. Now all varieties of MAS are also available in 500 milliliter stand-up pouches. This packaging form has two advantages. First, the stand-up pouch itself weighs 74 percent less than the one-liter bottle and thus contributes to savings in packaging materials. Second, the reduction in product size and packaging material means that the product can be sold at a much lower price, making it more accessible to consumers in lower income brackets. 


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Persil – top cleaning performance at just 20 degrees Celsius

The permanent challenge facing the product developers of our laundry detergents and household cleaners is how to achieve ever better washing performance with even lower energy consumption. Our European premium laundry detergents Persil, Le Chat, Dixan and Wipp not only offer a special "brilliance formula" for glowing colors, but also significantly better stain removal at just 20 degrees Celsius. In comparison with laundry washing programs at 30 degrees Celsius, washing at 20 degrees Celsius can cut the energy consumption of washing machines by up to 40 percent.

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Purex Natural Elements – eco-performance recognized

Our liquid laundry detergent Purex Natural Elements was the first leading detergent brand to be included in the “Design for the Environment” program of the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The program recognizes consumer products that are particularly compatible with the environment and human health. The doubly concentrated formulation of Purex Natural Elements achieves a consistently high washing performance with just half of the traditional dosage. All surfactants (washing active substances) used are derived from renewable raw materials. The formulation contains natural fragrance extracts and is free of artificial colorants. All ingredients are readily biodegradable.

Packshot Pur Power Crystals

Pur Power Crystals

The salt crystals in the manual dishwashing detergents bind with the sponge. They thus maintain the anti-grease power up to four times longer – with the same dosage.

Packshot Purex Ultra Concentrate

Purex Ultra Concentrate

In the USA, we have worked intensively to improve the eco-efficiency of our laundry detergents. In 2007, all our liquid laundry detergents were reformulated as concentrates. The optimized formulation of Purex Ultra Concentrate now delivers the same washing performance with just half the previous dosage. Consumers thus obtain the full washing power of Purex in a bottle only half as large as before. This not only saves water and packaging material during production, but also significantly reduces transport weights and volumes, thereby saving several million liters of fuel during distribution.

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Tursil Matik – working together to conserve resources

Within the framework of the "Laundry Sustainability Project" of the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (A.I.S.E.), we began in 2005 to replace our classic heavy duty detergents with efficient compact washing powders in most Central and Eastern European markets. The switch was also accomplished in Turkey in 2008. Thanks to the compact formulation of Tursil Matik, for example, consumers can reduce the standard dosage per laundry cycle by one-third, from 150 to 100 grams. The volume of the laundry detergent has thus been reduced by about 25 percent, and the weight by about 33 percent. This saves packaging material during production as well as fuel during transport. To help consumers get accustomed to the new dosage, measuring scoops are regularly included in the detergent packs. The switch was also accompanied by a TV commercial to encourage as many consumers as possible to wash their laundry in a resource-conscious way.

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Vernel – fewer rinses

In all parts of the world, local consumer needs and washing habits make widely varying demands on laundry detergents. In North Africa, for example, doing the laundry is still hard work. Laundry is often washed by hand, and many homes have no running water. The scarcity of water necessitates careful use of this limited resource. Henkel has therefore developed a fabric softener with special ingredients that enables washing foam to be rinsed out very easily by hand. This technology – previously only available in the Latin American markets – was introduced under the Vernel brand in Egypt and Tunisia. The reduction in the number of rinses can save up to ten liters of water per laundry load. Moreover, less effort is required for manual washing. In addition to regular packaging sizes, Vernel is also offered as single-use packs (85 ml) to make it accessible to a broad group of people.

Packshot Vernel Max

Vernel Max – all-around efficiency

Fourfold concentration of the Vernel Max fabric softener concentrates we market in Turkey has allowed the traditional dosage to be reduced by more than 75 percent, from 110 to 24 milliliters, while providing the same excellent softening effect and fragrance. The product can now be packed in a 1-liter rather than a 4-liter bottle, thus saving material and water during production, and increasing logistical efficiency.


Last updated: March 6, 2013