Dialogue with policymakers

Policymakers and regulators often seek out the expertise of companies in their political decisionmaking processes. A framework of this kind makes it possible for us to describe how political considerations impact Henkel, its employees and business partners and for us to provide pertinent experience-based knowledge. Our “Representation of Interests in Public Affairs” standard provides clear guidance on conduct for this. We also openly provide information about our fields of interest and the scope of our work involving governmental or political affairs through our entry in the Transparency Register of the European Union.

One example of dialogue in the political realm in 2012 was our participation in the exhibition of Cosmetics Europe, the European cosmetics association, at the European Parliament. It took place in May 2012 and was devoted to the theme of sustainability. With three projects, Henkel provided information to EU parliament members and visitors about activities in our Beauty Care business sector related to sustainability.

Last updated: March 6, 2013