Systematically integrated dialogue

Around 47,000 employees around the world are called upon to assume responsibility in their working environment and to base their decisions on the principles of sustainable development. Dialoguing with stakeholders is also an essential aspect of each employee’s job. In this way, we ensure that local and regional challenges are discussed by the appropriate experts in our company and the stakeholder groups involved. We develop strategies and solutions at the very place where they will be assessed and put into practice. The instruments, topics, duration and intensity of the dialogue are aligned to the individual stakeholder groups and their specific issues.

In 2012, Henkel employees in many countries again met with politicians, businesspeople, scientists and scholars, and members of the general public to engage in a dialogue with them. Over the course of the year, Henkel took part in about 150 sustainability events in 24 countries.

Henkel, for example, is a partner of the Science Year 2012 “Project Earth: Our Future” that was initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. At the kick-off event held in Berlin on February 6, 2012, Kathrin Menges, Executive Vice President Human Resources and Chair of the Sustainability Council, discussed the question “How do we reconcile environmental, social and economic progress?” with representatives from the realms of politics, business and science.

In June 2012, Chairman of the Management Board, Kasper Rorsted, spoke at the first sustainability summit for business leaders in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dubai. He presented the Henkel sustainability strategy and explained how we put it into practice in the Middle East region based on the three strategic principles of products, partners and people.

In July 2012, Henkel took part in a sustainability round table in Spain that was organized by a Spanish business magazine. Henkel presented its new sustainability strategy for 2030 and highlighted the significance of strategic partnerships in developing innovative and sustainable products along the value chain.

Under the motto “Creating the Future,” the European adhesives industry came together to share ideas about sustainability at the 8th World Adhesives & Sealants Conference (WAC12). The event was held September 18-21, 2012, in Paris and was attended by around 1,000 participants from 400 companies. This gave us the opportunity to open up our sustainability strategy for discussion and engage in dialogue about sustainability with our competitors, suppliers and customers.

In November 2012, Henkel Argentina presented the new sustainability strategy for 2030 to around 200 participants, among them customers. Our goal was to identify potential partnerships.

The following chart shows the systematic approach of Henkel's integrated stakeholder dialogue and illustrates the breadth of our communication instruments and channels:

Graph integrated dialogue

Last updated: March 6, 2013