Action Plan meetings – to anchor our Sustainability Strategy 2030

A clear strategy is only the beginning. Sustainability can only become an integral part of people’s daily work if all employees understand the underlying principles and have the opportunity to make their own contributions.

This is why we implemented Action Plan meetings at the end of 2011 for the Henkel Sustainability Strategy 2030. In these meetings, managers at all levels of the hierarchy and their teams developed a sustainability action plan in 2012 for their own particular areas, by defining both short- and long-term measures for achieving the sustainability targets on the road to “Factor 3”. The meetings also offered an opportunity to discuss the principles of the Sustainability Strategy 2030, as well as the current and future challenges.

In a survey of our top management on the implementation and communication of the sustainability strategy, more than three quarters of those interviewed found the Action Plan meetings to be good information channels. According to those polled, they provide an optimum framework for discussing the topic, informing individual departments and employees, and recognizing the contributions that each team can make toward achieving the sustainability targets.


Action Plan Meeting
Since the Sustainability Strategy was launched, some 6,000 measures have been developed in 670 Action Plan meetings. Seen here are members of the management team of Henkel in France.

"Regular provision of information and an intensive exchange within the teams are essential to ensure that all employees understand the contribution they can make toward reaching our sustainability targets.”

Kathrin Menges
Kathrin Menges
Executive Vice President Human Resources and Infrastructure Services

Last updated: March 6, 2013