Health and growing workloads

We care about the health and performance capability of our employees. We offer targeted health and preventive programs to guard against workplace-related risks that might lead to long-term illnesses. In designing these programs, our sites determine different priorities based on local requirements.

Due to the growing demands of our times, company programs designed to maintain psychological health have been growing in importance. Many sites therefore offer counseling on time, stress and conflict management to their employees. Furthermore, initiatives like the Charter of Work-Life Flexibility are designed to improve the balance between our employees’ work and leisure time.

We also want to be sure that appropriate care is available for our employees in case of an emergency. About one in eight Henkel employees has taken a first aid course. The aim is for this training to be refreshed every two years, so that the quality of care is maintained.

Corporate Health Management

Henkel underlined its commitment to this holistic health and safety philosophy by joining the Unternehmen für Gesundheit (companies for health) network. As long ago as 2002, Henkel signed the European Union's "Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion in the European Union". As part of the company's efforts to continuously improve preventive health care measures, an annual conference takes place enabling the physicians of all Henkel companies in Germany, as well as the Human Resources departments, to compare notes. The findings are made available to all sites worldwide.

Last updated: March 6, 2013