Our Compliance organization

Our Compliance organization, the Code of Conduct and our Corporate Standards are supported by integrated management systems and an organizational structure with clearly defined responsibilities. In 2007, we already merged the previously decentralized compliance departments into one central organization with global responsibility for all preventive and reactive measures.

The Chief Compliance Officer reports directly to the Chairman of the Management Board. In so doing, he is supported by our interdisciplinary Compliance and Risk Committee, the Corporate Internal Audit department, by some 50 locally appointed compliance officers all over the world, and by the Corporate Compliance Office. Our corporate data protection officer is also part of our compliance organization. Together, this team coordinates the flow of information and helps our employees to implement our requirements – for example, through training courses designed to take local challenges into account.

The Chief Compliance Officer reports on any infringements, as well as the measures taken to deal with them, to the Management Board on a regular basis. Our internal reporting and complaints channels were also augmented by a compliance hotline, which was set up to enable employees to report infringements of our Code of Conduct or corporate standards. It is run by an independent external provider and is available in 74 countries.

Focus on communication and training

Since we operate on a global scale, our employees find themselves in a variety of legal and value systems. Many of our employees work in countries where, according to surveys by organizations such as Transparency International, there is a greater risk of encountering corrupt practices. Even in such surroundings, the same applies to all employees without exception: Henkel resolutely opposes infringement of laws and standards, and rejects dishonest business practices. To impart clear rules of conduct to our employees, and especially to avoid any conflicts of interest in everyday work situations, our compliance programs focus on regular training courses and communication measures. In 2012, we trained more than 11,000 employees around the world in seminars on this subject.

Compliance as a management task

Our managers play a key role in regard to compliance. Given their position within the company, they bear a special responsibility to set an example for their staff. Only if our managers are seen to act in an ethically and legally impeccable manner will compliance be and remain a guiding principle for the actions of all employees. For this reason, all of our 9,200 managers across the globe must participate twice a year in our mandatory Compliance e-Learning program which addresses many different compliance topics by looking at practical examples. The main emphasis is on anticorruption and antitrust law. Once again in 2012, almost 100 percent of the managers had completed the set courses.

Zero tolerance for violations of regulations

Improper conduct is never in Henkel’s interest. The Management Board and senior management circles at Henkel all subscribe to this fundamental principle. Improper conduct undermines fair competition and damages our trustworthiness and reputation. Our employees attach great importance to a correct and ethically impeccable business environment. We react forcefully to violations of laws, codes and standards. Where necessary, we initiate appropriate disciplinary measures. In 2012, 12 employees received written warnings, and 43 contracts were terminated as a result of conduct violating compliance rules.

Last updated: March 6, 2013