Results of our audit program

We carry out regular audits at our production and administration sites and, increasingly, at our subcontractors and logistics centers to verify compliance with our codes and standards. The audits are a key instrument for identifying risks and potential improvements.

In 2012, we conducted 57 audits around the world. In the course of the audits, a total of 1,619 corrective actions were agreed upon. The main emphases in 2012 were on pricing and profitability and on our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) standards. Compliance with the SHE Standards was audited at 54 sites, resulting in the initiation of 413 optimization measures. Maintenance of our Social Standards and our Diversity & Inclusion Policy was an integral part of the audits carried out at 15 sites in different parts of the world.

All audit results, including the monitoring of our SHE and Social Standards, are included in the Internal Audit department’s annual report to the Henkel Management Board.

The Internal Audit department itself continues to train our staff in aspects of compliance, risk management and internal monitoring. In line with this policy, we again trained some 350 employees from all business sectors and functions across the globe in seminars and during our audits.

Last updated: March 6, 2013