Joint audits to improve sustainability standards

At Henkel, we assess our suppliers in a comprehensive process that also covers sustainability performance and risks. The systematic expansion of our audit programs for suppliers is thus a key priority for the coming years. In this regard, we aim not only to increase the number of supplier audits conducted, but to improve their transparency and efficiency and help to establish common standards across companies.

Exchanging existing audit results between companies is an important step toward improving sustainability standards in the supply chain and is the guiding principle of the “Together for Sustainability” initiative that was launched in 2012. Working in collaboration with five other companies in the chemical industry, Henkel’s goal in this initiative is to standardize the assessment of sustainability and the audit criteria for the largely shared suppliers. Besides social standards, the audit scope also includes environmental standards.

The first pilot audits took place in China in 2012 at suppliers of our three business sectors. We post the results of the supplier assessments on a joint, web-based platform. The audit reports are thus available to all member companies and can be recognized by all – in line with the motto: “An audit for one is an audit for all.”

Joint Audits

  • Qingwen Zhang und Henkel-Mitarbeiterinnen

Last updated: March 6, 2013