Resource efficiency through goal-oriented optimizations

In the Beauty Care business sector’s eight production sites around the world, we have successfully carried forward the “Total Productive Management Plus” optimization program. The aim of this approach is to continuously identify and optimize all activities that do not contribute to value creation – not just in our own production processes, but along the entire value chain.

The success of the program is well illustrated by the increase in resource efficiency achieved in the production facilities in Bogotá, Colombia. A large part of the credit for this is due to our employees. Sustainability has become part and parcel of their daily work and inspires them to continually challenge all existing processes.

Consistent application of the program has, for example, helped us to reduce energy consumption by 22 percent over the past five years. These savings were achieved by a series of measures, including smart lighting and ventilation technologies.

In addition to this, we have succeeded in decreasing the volume of wastewater by some 53 percent over the past five years. This was achieved by installing an automatic barrel washing unit and a pipe cleaning system. The production site has been singled out repeatedly as a best practice leader in recognition of these achievements. The factory produces cosmetic products for The Americas.

Ressource efficiency in our production

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Last updated: March 6, 2013