Employee volunteering

Providing support for our employees and retirees who do volunteer work for social projects in their free time is a key aspect of our social commitment. Employees and retirees are given an opportunity to receive support for their project amounting to up to 10,000 euros, product donations, and up to five days paid time off from work per year. The volunteer work carried out by our employees and retirees is very varied, ranging from local projects of the volunteer fire department to self-help groups or educational projects in other countries. The MIT is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2013. For this occasion, Henkel is allocating a one-time funding of 50,000 euros for a special project that will be selected. All employees and retirees around the world can apply for this.

A future for street children

Danielle Fleurackers with children

Danielle Fleurackers, a customer service staff member in the Adhesive Technologies business sector in Belgium, has been involved for years in the Shangrila Home relief organization, which has been providing care for the street children in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, since 1995. Today the organization provides a home to 79 children, makes sure that its fosterlings receive an education, and takes them on outings, such as to a swimming pool, the zoo, or the movies.   Danielle spends many days of her annual vacation in Kathmandu and selfl essly takes care of the children, together with the other volunteers of the aid organization. As part of the MIT program, Henkel provides fi nancial and product donations. This enables some of the street children in Kathmandu to continue to have perspectives for the future. www.shangrilahome.org

Last updated: March 6, 2013