Social partnerships

As part of our corporate engagement, we enter into social partnerships in the communities around the world where Henkel is located to support social initiatives and public institutions. Education is a key basic prerequisite for both personal individual development and for society. It is for this reason that education initiatives are among the priorities of our corporate engagement. But we also support sports clubs, hospitals, kindergartens, schools and universities, charity organizations, and cultural events. We do not support political parties.

Our business sectors and our brands also sponsor non-profit projects – often together with partners. Examples of this engagement by our brands are Persil's "Futurino" project, Schwarzkopf Professional's "Shaping Futures" initiative, and Metylan's sponsoring of vocational training for painters and decorators.

Brand engagement Persil – „Projekt Futurino“-Initiative

Tobias, Daniel, Niklas, Frederike, Henrietta
Tobias, Daniel, Niklas, Frederike and Henrietta (from the left) from Berlin enjoy getting to know about country life and the way plants grow and are harvested.

In 2012, too, Persil provided support throughout Germany for a variety of environmental and educational activities as part of its “Projekt Futurino” initiative, devoting to it a total of 160,000 euros. One example is assistance for a project initiated in 2007 by the Berlin organization “Actiontouren – leben. lernen. e.V.” This project makes it possible for children from this big city to experience nature in a village in Mecklenburg during their school vacation.

Persil – Projekt Futurino

Brand engagement Schwarzkopf Professional – Shaping Futures

Carla Miyata, Eric
Eric is one of 30 young people from the SOS Children’s Village in Salvador de Bahia to learn how to cut hair, here under the guidance of Carla Miyata, advisor at the Schwarzkopf Academy in Brazil.

Schwarzkopf Professional launched the “Shaping Futures” initiative in India and Peru in November 2010 together with the charitable organization SOS Children’s Villages. The goal here is to train young people in basic hairdressing techniques. In 2012, hairdressers and Schwarzkopf Professional employees volunteered for four weeks in a Brazilian SOS Children’s Village. Since 2010, Schwarzkopf has carried out courses in seven countries: Brazil, Colombia, India, Latvia, Morocco, Peru and Vietnam, where a total of 204 young people have already received this training.

Brand engagement Metylan – Qualität macht Meister

Practical test
Future master craftsmen in the practical test: In only two and a half hours, two diff erent types of wallpaper had to be selected and correctly hung. Not only the technical ability of the ten participants was important in the “Quality Makes Masters” competition, but also their creativity.

With its competition entitled “Quality Makes Masters,” the Metylan brand of the Adhesive Technologies business sector has been promoting the training of young painters since 2009 in collaboration with the Bundesverband Farbe Gestaltung Bautenschutz (Federal Association for Paint, Design and Building Protection). In the fi nal round, Germany’s ten best young painters can win one of fi ve vouchers for further education amounting to 5,000 euros for their training to become master craftsmen. The “master” fi nalists competed on October 27, 2011, at the Berufsbildungs- und Technologiezentrum (Vocational Training and Technical Center) in Düsseldorf, to show what they had learned in theory and practice. Chosen by the jury as among the best in 2011 were Darinka Eistetter, Marina Maake, Sandra Wissner, Jan Hoff mann and Kai Krähenbühl. They will be working closely with Henkel for a year as Metylan ambassadors and will be in a position to give us their ideas for new projects and further developments.

Last updated: March 6, 2013