Our contributions in six focal areas

We concentrate our activities on six focal areas that summarize the challenges of sustainable development as they relate to our operations. In each of these focal areas, we drive progress along the entire value chain through our products and technologies. We have subdivided the focal areas into two dimensions: “more value” and “reduced footprint.” In order to successfully establish our strategy and reach our goals, both of these dimensions must be ever-present in the minds and day-to-day actions of our around 47,000 employees and mirrored in our business processes. We have defined three strategic principles to achieve this: products, partners, and people.

Our focal areas

Graph our focal areas

We have grouped all of our sustainability activities into six focal areas. In all of these areas, we want to deliver more value – at a reduced footprint – in all business sectors and with all products.

Last updated: March 6, 2013