Joint audits to improve sustainability standards

At Henkel, we assess our suppliers in a comprehensive process that also covers sustainability performance and risks. more

Resource efficiency through goal-oriented optimizations

In the Beauty Care business sector’s eight production sites around the world, we have successfully carried forward the “Total Productive Management Plus” optimization program. more

1,000 ambassadors for a more sustainable world

Looking for ways of involving employees more intensely in sustainability, we developed the idea in the Laundry & Home Care business sector of making employees into sustainability ambassadors. more

Our “Path to Sustainability Excellence” program

To implement the company’s sustainability strategy – achieving more with less – the Beauty Care business sector has set up a program called “Path to Sustainability Excellence.” more

New multi-functional adhesive reduces resource usage

LBP Manufacturing of Chicago, IL (USA), and Henkel have joined forces to develop the new EarthSleeve for Starbucks. more

Henkel Day dedicated to sustainability worldwide

Henkel employees in more than 75 countries celebrated the 136th anniversary of the company on September 26, 2012. more

Educational partnership– Experiencing sustainability

Anyone can do their bit to protect the environment as part of their everyday life. Just how this can be done was shown at the beginning of October 2012 by about 60 Henkel and dm-drogerie markt trainees at 15 dm stores in and around Düsseldorf. more

Driving sustainability forward together

Dialogue with sustainability experts from different fields plays an important role for us in driving implementation of our sustainability strategy. more

Last updated: March 6, 2013